Login vs Outlook Sign in

MSN has brought about many changes in the email services it offers today. Before Hotmail had been the one web based email service of MSN while Microsoft Windows users could use their Hotmail sign in interface to download emails from Hotmail and other accounts. Login vs Outlook Sign in

Today the same Outlook service is being introduced as a web based email service of MSN. That makes Hotmail another email service that resides in the same domain as MSN Outlook. With such changes, several Hotmail users are confused as to which domain to log onto. The process of integrating the different web based services of MSN started for the last few years and with the Live campaign the Outlook mail and other Live services have emerged.

If you wish to compare the Login vs Outlook Sign in services here is a lowdown of the differences between the two:

  • If you are a Hotmail user, when you type in on your browser address bar, you may be redirected to the Outlook domain
  • Even if the Outlook mail site opens, the existing Hotmail users can still use their Hotmail credentials to log into their existing Hotmail account
  • On this page you will be able to access other MSN services. Whether you have a Hotmail credential or Outlook ID, the same can be used to access all other MSN services
  • Today Hotmail remains as part of MSN services whose mail servers and domain run parallel to Outlook though integration of both mail servers are slowly taking place.

outlook vs hotmail

Many users of Hotmail might be confused when they are redirected to the Outlook site. However, it is to be kept in mind that, it is not mandatory to have an Outlook account and you can in Hotmail login account on this page. The option is being given to Hotmail users to upgrade to Outlook, the new mail service of Microsoft. If you choose to do so, your mail folders will be integrated accordingly and migrated to the new platform. While you will have access to the new features and interface of Outlook, your previous mail data of Hotmail will be preserved with other mail settings.

Here is a lowdown of what Outlook has to offer:

  • This is a new web based email service launched by Microsoft, different from the Windows based email platform that it used to be
  • This new email service is free, offers several versatile features such as automatic mail folder synchronization, easy to send mail formats, automatic addition of contacts in address book and so forth
  • As compared to Hotmail which is a long lasting email service, the data storage space and certain other features are new in Outlook
  • Existing Hotmail users can choose to migrate their account to Outlook. They can choose to stay with their Hotmail ID or use the ID

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