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There are several users of Hotmail account even today, decades after Hotmail was first introduced and revolutionized the concept of email service.

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If you are one of the existing loyalists who still hold onto their Hotmail accounts, you might have seen the number of changes that Microsoft has introduced over the last couple of years. Today all Microsoft’s services have been integrated, especially related to web services. The Live domain now handles most of the online MSN services. What’s more, the online email services of MSN have been integrated under the new Outlook domain. Gone are the days when Hotmail was a domain that was a novelty feature by itself, being the first free web based email service. At the time it was introduced, during the late nineties, ISP providers were the only sources of email services for people. People had to subscribe to ISP services to gain access to the email services. In such a setting, Hotmail was introduced. It claimed to give access to one’s email account from anywhere in the world. All one needed was access to the internet to log onto their email account. Hotmail offered its domain and email service free to be accessed by all its email subscribers.

If you have been a Hotmail email user from the lat nineties, you might have witnessed the series of changes that have come about in the Hotmail login process. For quite some time, domain has remained singular, even after the Hotmail founders sold it to Microsoft. However, soon MSN homepage was another source of logging into one’s Hotmail account. Today all MSN email services have been integrated and are offered through the new Outlook domain. While users are encouraged to sign up for a new Outlook web based email account, those who are existing users of Hotmail can use the Outlook domain to log into their existing Hotmail account. The existing Hotmail credentials now give access to all Live functions and features to Hotmail users. With the same username and password you will be able to log into Live services and access their features.

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When you wish to log into your Hotmail account, whether you type in login or on your browser window, you will be redirected to All subscribers have been brought under this unified portal and all MSN services can be accessed here. Hotmail users will find the login page on the new domain. The sign in page will ask for the username and password which are the existing credentials of one’s Hotmail account. Once you log in, you might find that the old email interface has changed. Many changes have come about in the inbox layout page but there will not be any loss of data. If you wish, you could opt to transition to While this transition is not happening now, slowly the transition will take place. You could opt to change over to or continue with your Hotmail email id.

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