Hotmail Login Sign in with 2-steps verification process

You might own a MSN or Hotmail login sign in account and you will see that the security processes have been ramped up recently.

hotmail create accountLike other email services like Gmail, MSN has introduced the two step verification process for all its email services. Hotmail is a part of MSN services and hence, the two step verification is relevant for Hotmail users as well. Even though it does involve more procedures to Hotmail login, such measures have been introduced for the following reasons:

  • Hotmail had come under criticism recently for being one of the most hacked email service
  • Its security measures were deemed less than other web based email services
  • Many new users contemplated opening a Hotmail account due to security concerns

If you are new to the two step verification process, here is what it will involve:

  • You would need to type in the password as you did when logging into your Hotmail account.
  • Along with password, you would need to verify a code that has been sent to your phone number or alternate email address for the second stage of verification.
  • Today all Hotmail users are being asked to key in these additional inputs to strengthen the security of their account.
  • In absence of additional verification, one leaves their email account vulnerable to spam and hacking activities.

There are many users who are not happy about the two step verification process being initiated. It definitely makes signing in a more cumbersome affair. For those who need to log into their email accounts several times in a day, it would mean delay by several minutes. However, the two step verification is not sought every time one logs in. It would be initiated from time to time.

outlook login sign inThe two step verification process has been adopted by Microsoft as Gmail already has such a system in place for its users and there have been several instances that Hotmail accounts were hacked. This security feature also becomes essential in light of the integration of all email and web based services of Microsoft. As the Hotmail credentials will become the one and only access for signing in and using other Live services, it is imperative that security be beefed up at the time when users log into Hotmail and other services. Today one Windows Live ID or an existing Hotmail ID can be used to log into your email account through a Windows phone, SkyDrive, Xbox Live, the instant messenger service and other facilities.

For such reasons, users need to understand the importance of the 2-steps verification process and initiate the same for their account. It will help to save their valuable data which is stored in the different folders of email accounts. Today emails have become the primary source of all important information, from bank account mails to utility bill payment details, other important notifications and messages. Losing such data can lead to irreparable damage in many people’s lives. For such reasons, it is imperative that Hotmail users abide by the two step verification process.

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