Hotmail Sign up to Login

There are many free email services existing in the web world to make people receive and send mails with ease. One among them is the Hotmail sign in or Windows Live Hotmail. This email service was started by Microsoft in 1997. Since then, Microsoft has added new functional features to this email service like sky drive, memo pad, calendar, chat messenger, etc. moreover the customers can get online support for using the service through email help and FAQs.

hotmail sign up login

Creating The Account

One needs to create hotmail account to login into hotmail and use it for mailing service.  The user can use any of the existing email address as the username for the hotmail account such as from Yahoo, Gmail or To create the hotmail account, you will have to go to “create an account page” of the Hotmail website. Then follow the steps given below to create the account so that you can easily access hotmail login.

  • Enter your first and last name in the boxes provided
  • Enter your existing username or get a new email address as your username.
  • Now create a password with at least 8 characters  that are case sensitive
  • Re-enter your password in the next box
  • Enter the region or country that you belong to

  • Give the ZIP code
  • Enter your birth date and gender in the boxes provided
  •  To protect your information enter your country code and phone number
  • To ensure that you a real person enter the unique characters given in the box.
  • Now click “create account”.

Using The Account To Access The Mail Service

Once you get the approval for your username and password from hotmail to use it in your account, you can use these username and password to log in to the hotmail account and start using it to share information and to do various work through online. To login to hotmail go to the login or sign in hotmail page. You will be able to see the boxes to provide your Microsoft account and password.

Hotmail Login

To login successfully to your hotmail account and to use the hotmail service you have to follow the steps given below

  • Enter your username or the email address in the first box in the login page
  • Now enter the password for your hotmail account
  • Then click sign in to get access to the mail service.

“Keeping Me Signed In” Option

The use of the account can also opt for the “keeping me signed in” option in the log in page to get easy access to the hotmail email service. If you click on this option, after entering the password to login the computer will remember your password and keep you logged in.  You will not have to enter your username and password every time you have to access the mail service.   If you find any difficulty in logging to your hotmail account, click on the “can’t access your account?” option and follow the steps provided by the service to access the account.

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