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Easy sign up and log in process

  • Windows Live Hotmail is quite simple when it comes to creating a new account. All you need to do is to visit hotmail.com and you get the interface to create a new account. Select the option to go further.
  • You need to enter the details like name, contact details and your mail ID name.
  • You can provide alternate mail IDs or phone numbers to make your account more secured. This will help you in case you forgot your password. This alternate identity details will help you unlock your account.


  • You have a Hotmail Support system that helps you with all your queries. Browse through the website and you will come across all the details required to successfully complete the process of account creation.
  • Hotmail is a free service, but you have the option to upgrade it to a paid service. And this will make you eligible for privileged services like live Hotmail Support etc.
  • Once you sign up successfully, you will get mails from Windows Live Support team.
  • If you happen to forget your password, on the log in page you have a link that says forget the password. Select the link and you will be guided through a series of steps that helps you to unlock your account successfully.
  • There are many features attached with your mail that can provide you with a wide range of privileges.

Features of Windows Live Hotmail

  • Windows Live Hotmail provides you with a user-friendly interface. It has an Active View feature that allows you to go through all the components of your mail on the same window. For instance, in other mailing system when you are opening a text, it comes in a new window. The same happens with videos and photographs. But in Hotmail you can view everything in the same window and you don’t have to minimize or shuffle the windows to check or compare things. This is a highly beneficial feature that can save several minutes when you have to check lots of emails.


  • Hotmail mailing system can help you in organizing all your saved conversations. By opening a single mail you can check all the past conversations that were attached to it. For instance, you had sent a mail to a friend and he has replied to it, but later on you had sent another mail in a few days. And today when you check you can view all these mails as a single thread attached in one mail. This conversation threading is a highly useful feature you can take advantage of.
  • Hotmail has upgraded its Spam filtering service which has tremendously helped its users in organizing their unwanted mails. Under the spam category, Hotmail has now created two bifurcations – one is known as Spam and another is Grey Mail. Grey Mail includes promotional and marketing mails like newsletters etc. The entire filtering system is programmed in accordance with the IP address from where the mails are received. It has also launched a new feature that identifies the users’ activities and accordingly sorts the mail as spam. For instance, if the users delete a particular type of mail every time, their Hotmail identifies such mail to be spam and automatically diverts it to spam whenever received. Such advanced features are not found in other mailing system. This is one factor that makes Microsoft Live Hotmail one of the most user-friendly mailing systems in the world.


  • No matter how many mails you send, when it comes to interacting with someone through the internet, live chat is the best option. Microsoft identified this need and has incorporated the chat system into hotmail interface. It has a full-fledged chat window dedicated for you to chat with friends who are logged in. This window pops up on the left hand side. It includes all the friends you have added via mail and their status as online, offline, idle or busy. At a time you can chat with more than one friend. As you select a new friend a new chat window is added to the chat column. This is a highly useful feature and after the introduction of these feature users has increased tremendously.
  • Windows Live Hotmail also provides you with an SMS option. This option is incorporated in its chat program itself. As explained above, you need to select the friend’s name to start a chat, but if you want to send an SMS to his or her phone, then instead of left click, do a right click over the name and you will get an option to send SMS to their phone. Add the number and type in the text to send the message within few minutes. The reply sent by the friend pops up in your window immediately.
  • Hotmail has yet another valuable service that has helped mobile users to stay connected with their mail in a more sophisticated way. If you are used to checking mails through your phone, then Windows Live Hotmail can help you in making things easier. It has a unique feature called Activesync which connects your phone contacts with the mail contacts and notifies you about any communication received from those contacts. It also has a unique calendar feature that allows you to keep a tab on your daily routines and business agenda.

History of Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the pioneers of email systems that received lots of attention world over during its initial phase itself. The service was started in the year 1996 and it was an age when reliable email service was hardly available. Hotmail became popular like a wildfire and thousands of users were registered within a short span. The co-founders of Hotmail service, however, sold the enterprise to Microsoft. Hotmail founders didn’t hesitate to bid a huge sum for their invention. And the deal was closed for a whooping $400 million. The reason was made clear by the Microsoft research team as they declared that Hotmail is a highly potential web service that can be used as a multipurpose connectivity service.

Over the years Microsoft added several valuable services for its users, which made this mailing system as one of the most preferred email service. Initially, Microsoft named it as MSN Hotmail and later on it was changed with Windows Live. Currently the service has more than 350 million users to its credit. In the year 2013 the entire service was converted to Outlook.com which is a quite similar to Microsoft outlook. In this quick review about the Hotmail mailing service we will be covering some of its old and new features that can help you in utilizing this great tool with more efficiency.

Windows Live mail management features


  • Advanced Search Feature

Are you tired of searching out an important mail from a pile of hundreds of unwanted mails? Then it is time to switch to Windows Live. Hotmail has a highly automated search feature. As you open the search window and type in the words included in the mail ID of the sender or subject of the mail, it will give you a prompt for possible words or mail IDs that are saved in its database. Accordingly, you can select the proper one or browse through each of it if you are still doubtful. Such a feature is not provided in other mailing services. This auto-complete feature can help you in saving a lot of time on your search process.

  • Conversation View

Windows Live Hotmail has made it easier for you to trace your conversations. If you had a lengthy conversation via mail with a friend that includes mails sent to and fro for several days, then you can get all the text in one place by the unique conversation viewing feature of Hotmail. Once you select the mail in the inbox, check to the top right corner of the interface. Just below the search bar you get an icon that shows two arrows. Click on it and a drop down menu would appear. In that you can see the last option is known as “Conversation”, Click on it and you will be able to see all the chat history in one place. This is a great feature that can be used to follow up on your personal and business interactions without wasting time.

  • Sweep features

Windows Live Hotmail has a unique feature that helps you manage your mails in a more organized way. It has a unique Sweep feature that lets you remove unwanted mails either permanently or store it elsewhere in a different folder. The steps to be followed are simple. Select the mails that you want to move. And then click on the option Sweep which is there on the top panel. Once you click on it you will get further options to “Move all from” or to delete all from. If you want to store the emails from a particular sender in a different folder, select the option “Move all from” and then you will get options to save it. You would also get the option to save future mails from the same sender to the new folder.

How to shift your Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook?

Outlook is a new feature of Microsoft that was introduced in the year 2013. This upgraded version allows users to integrate their mail service to other web services and applications that help them to stay connected with different networks and groups of friends.


  • You need to install Microsoft Outlook and create a profile. If you want to know about the steps for installing and creating a profile you can visit the site support.microft.com for all the details.
  • Once you are done with installation of Microsoft Outlook, you need to open it and also open your Windows Live Hotmail.
  • In your mail window you have a button that says “File”. Click on it and you will get a set of options and from that select the option “Export”. Now you should select all the stuff that you need to export to your Outlook.com. For instance, if you want to import all your mails, select the option “Email messages”
  • After selecting “Email messages” you will be guided to a window where you need to select the format of transfer. Select the option “Microsoft Exchange”
  • Once you are done, select “Next” You will be getting a text message about the change that is about to happen. Click on “OK” when you are done.
  • You will be getting options to select a particular mail folder or multiple folders for exporting. Accordingly, you have to select the options before completing the process.
  • Finally, you will get a window that says “Export Complete” Once you select “Finish” the process will be done.
  • The entire exporting may take several minutes depending on the size of the data and the speed of your internet service.

By following similar steps you can also export all the contacts in your Windows Mail to Outlook. The steps to be followed are a bit different. The brief steps to be followed are explained below:

  • Select the folder “Contacts” in your Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Click on option “Export”
  • Select the option CSV or Comma Separated Values. Next, select the browse option to save the contacts and select “Desktop” as the destination.
  • You can enter the folder name as WLM contacts and save everything.
  • Select “Next” option and select appropriate fields to be exported and select the button “Finish”.
  • The process will take some time to get completed, but once done; you will be able to access everything through Outlook.com.

Hotmail is a multipurpose email system which is currently renamed as Outlook.com by its owners Microsoft. The Outlook service is quite popular for its speed and integration with other applications that help the users to remain updated all the time.

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