Sign in Hotmail Login – Steps Involved

The process of sign in Hotmail login is simple which is described below.

  • You will find the sign in page of Hotmail at or at the Hotmail domain:
  • The Hotmail accounts can be accessed through either domain
  • If you are signing up for the first time, there are simple procedures to be followed.
  • When signing up for  a new Hotmail account through the Windows Live Hotmail page, there are two sections to be noted – the right hand section is for existing users while the left hand section of the page allows first time users to sign up

sign in hotmail login

When you click on the Hotmail sign up link you will be redirected to the sign up page. You will be asked to enter an email address which is subject to availability. There are available options which appear to help you in choosing an available email address. You will be asked to enter a password which needs to include alpha numeric characters and has to be at least of 8 characters. You will be asked to enter other basic information such as your gender, location and the verification code that is provided.

The two step verification process has been initiated for Hotmail users.

  • For this, you need to key in a phone number and an alternate email address
  • You may be asked to choose a security question and provide the answer to the same. In future, you will be asked this question and the same answer needs to be provided. Such answers are usually case sensitive.

If you are an existing user of Hotmail, you need to use the section for existing users to sign in and create hotmail account and once you have signed in, you can check on the box which allows your login details to be remembered on the system. You could even ask for the password to be remembered. Such options are best used if you are the sole user of the computer through which you access your email account.

Hotmail or has become part of the Live domain of Microsoft. Since 1997 when it was first introduced, Hotmail has undergone several changes. After its initiation, it was sold to Microsoft. Microsoft allowed Hotmail’s domain to remain distinct for some time after which it was integrate with MSN homepage. A few years later, it started the Live campaign under which Hotmail and other services were further integrated. Recently Outlook has been launched as a new web based email service.


This domain now serves as the gateway for Hotmail account users as well. However, the sign in process remains the same barring a few changes that have come about in the website domain and home page interface. Follow the steps mentioned below to access your Hotmail account:

Today the sign in procedure is spam protected for all Hotmail users. The enhanced security processes have been put in place to prevent unauthorized hacking of Hotmail accounts. Thus, you can experience a more secured email service if you sign up for a Hotmail account today.


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