Steps to Sign in Hotmail and procedure to create an account

Hotmail was launched as a pioneering web mail service in the late nineties and today it is still one of the popular web mail services found. It has been moved to different domains under Microsoft and currently, it is part of Outlook domain, the new web based mail service launched by Microsoft.

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Many people are often confused as to which domain to log onto to access their existing Hotmail account. There is no reason to fret as any preexisting web address leads to the new Outlook domain for Hotmail users. The process is elaborated below.

Easy access to Hotmail

For those who are looking to access their Hotmail account, here are the essential steps to follow:

  • Log onto
  • You will find the main login panel on the front page.
  • It is the integrated window to login to Hotmail as well as Outlook users.
  • One needs to key in their full username in the first field.
  • The second field will take in the password in case sensitive characters.
  • Once the fields are entered right, one will be redirected to their account.

This is the simplified process of signing into one’s Hotmail account. Even if one types in or they will be redirected to the Outlook domain as Hotmail has been unified under Outlook.

Help while signing in Hotmail

There can be certain problems faced while signing into one’s Hotmail account. The common problems that occur are:

  • One might have forgotten their username.
  • The password typed in might be incorrect.

These are common problems faced when one is signing into their Hotmail account after a long time. For that reason it is necessary to ensure that the case sensitivity is maintained at the time of keying in the username and password. For those who have entered an alternate email address or phone number will be able to recover the details of their account by getting the reset link or security code to access their account.

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How to fortify someone’s account

It is necessary to update the security features of one’s account. Microsoft has introduced several additional facilities to make the user accounts on Hotmail as well as Outlook secure:

  • A two step verification process has been introduced by which one can choose to secure their account by registering their phone number. A security code that is sent as text to the phone number will be added as an extra layer of security besides asking for a password every time you are signed in.
  • One can choose to sign in through a security code sent as text to their phone. This will help one get over the hassle of having to remember their password every time they log into their account.

These are essential steps taken by Microsoft to secure access to an email account.

If you wish to access your account in Hotmail you can do so by following the steps mentioned above. You need to secure your account additionally by updating the security details in your account settings of your email account.

Procedure to create Hotmail account

If you wish to sign up for a new Hotmail account, the process has changed slightly. The updated process of creating a new account is as follows:

  • You need to log onto as Hotmail domain has been integrated with this platform.
  • You will find the login page on the front page of this site.
  • If you wish to sign up for a new account, you will have to click on the link that leads you to opening up a new Microsoft account.
  • On the account registration page you can choose a unique username. If you wish to opt for Hotmail, you need to type in the full username with the domain of your choice.
  • Once the domain is chosen one needs to type in a password of their choice.
  • The password has to be unique, usually a combination of eight characters of alphanumeric combination.
  • The other details usually require information about one’s gender, location and age.
  • There are other questions that need to be filled in regarding the security of one’s account like personal security questions, a valid phone number and an alternate email address.
  • The above security information will come of use in case one forgets their password or username.

The registration process is completed by agreeing to the terms and conditions and entering the captcha code that ensures that the incumbent is not a robot.

Changes to Hotmail account

Today, those who are Hotmail account users are being provided access to their old accounts through the integrated Outlook domain. However, for opening up a new account, one would have to opt for a Microsoft account which can have the alias of Outlook or Hotmail. However, as the Hotmail domain has been phased out as an independent platform, it might not be possible to have a true Hotmail account any more.

Here are the changes that you will find:

  • Hotmail domain is merged with Outlook.
  • The existing Hotmail accounts are merged with Outlook and the new features and amenities of the new web based email service are provided to existing Hotmail accounts.
  • The Hotmail and Outlook account users are part of a unified Microsoft platform. As a result, the same features and access is provided to all.
  • One can gain access to OneDrive integration, find linkage to Skype, Xbox account and other facilities offered by Microsoft under Hotmail or Outlook email accounts.

One needs to realize that signing up for a new Hotmail account today will entail several new features and a new domain. It will provide one access to a unified platform of Microsoft.

There are several features to benefit from if you sign up for the new Hotmail account. You will find a unified mail domain on Microsoft’s Outlook platform. For those who have existing Hotmail accounts they will find several new features in their inbox.

Hotmail Account Login

Whether one has an Outlook or a Hotmail account the access to the email account can be gained in the following manner:

  • One has to type in on the web browser.
  • The web page that opens up has a login panel in front.
  • Whether one has an Outlook or a Hotmail account they will need to type in the full email address in the username field.
  • Once the username details are filled in one need to type in the password.
  • Once the above details are entered correctly one will gain access to their Outlook or Hotmail account on the same platform.

There are certain conveniences and upgrades to account security that are provided to both Outlook and Hotmail account users. For instance, there is the single code access feature that Microsoft’s provided at the time of logging in. With a registered phone number, one can avail of this feature. It allows one to forego the password step and simply choose the single access code. The code that is sent to the phone number needs to be entered in order to access one’s email address. This feature is offered to both Hotmail and Outlook account users.

Hotmail Email features

The email interface has been updated on Morozoff’s unified platform. The main features are as follows:

  • The main look of the inbox is an uncluttered, clean look which allows one to spot important messages easily.
  • The different folders are showcased on the left hand side panel of the inbox.
  • One can choose to select several messages and either move them to a specific folder or delete them. This is the Sweep feature that many will find of use.
  • It is easy to designate spam or grey mail messages. Once Hotmail senses how a message is being removed from the inbox without being read, it will be sent across to the grey mail segment.
  • The Microsoft document editing features are available through OneDrive for all Hotmail users.
  • The OneDrive feature allows one to send across large attachments as well as offers larger storage capacity to all Outlook as well as Hotmail users.
  • Social media integration is also provided in the accounts. As a result, one can check the updates of their different social media accounts by linking their account with these different platforms.

These are some of the several features offered on Hotmail as well as in Outlook as the domains are unified.

Those who are looking to start reusing their Hotmail account or open a new account can look forward to several innovative features and amenities on the platform. Microsoft provides a unified platform for both Outlook and Hotmail users, which makes it convenient for both sets of users. What’s more, one can access their inbox from mobile apps as well.

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